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Innovative, specialty packaging and service solutions for your


Whether printing, slotting, slitting, folding, gluing, laminating, die cutting, or hand operations, Precision Corr has the necessary manufacturing process to bring to life almost any corrugated and specialty packaging project. We work with our clients to develop customized, cost-effective, and impactful packaging solutions.

Kit Packaging and Assembly

Use our kit packaging and assembly services for faster packaging processes by eliminating assembly steps while substantially reducing or eliminating the need for additional capital, workforce, and storage. We coordinate the necessary manufacturing, quality control, pack-out/fulfillment, and distribution to get the job done in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

Heat Tunnel, Shrink, and Stretch Film

Do you need shrink wrap for wrapping food, gift baskets, boxes, toys, soaps, and other stuff? Let us expedite your project with our state-of-the-art high-speed heat tunnel and shrink filming line. Shrink-wrapping keeps your products safe from outside elements, increases shelf life, tamper-proofing, and keeps your products organized.

We will get the job done in a timely manner without sacrificing quality and substantially reducing or eliminating the need for additional capital and labor.

Design and Engineering

When it comes to a package's toughness, no one rivals the team at Precision Corr. The structural foundation of any specialty packaging is the key to assuring its overall functionality, integrity throughout the entire shipping cycle, and ability to hold up in the marketplace.

Our experienced designers utilized the latest design software to give Precision Corr the edge in developing attractive, functional, and innovative specialty packaging ideas. Our staff can create unique packaging solutions for virtually any application.

Sales And Marketing Support

Your success is our success. That is why our team will work with you throughout the process, starting with helping your business with your marketing endeavors. If you need an impressive presentation to help pitch your product to a customer or prospect, our team would love to help! From design conception to mock ups and full-size prototypes, we can assist you with developing sales presentation tools that will give you that competitive edge you need in today’s market.

Performance Testing

In today’s competitive market, creating unique and appealing packaging is not enough. We understand that your package needs to stand up to the unpredictable conditions of the shipping cycle. That is why we rigorously test and validate each package design here at Precision Corr to ensure it can handle the weight of your product, temperature constraints, long duration of shipment, and structural integrity.

These tests ensure that orders are to the highest quality standards and that every product performs solidly in the field. Beginning with a Basis Weight Test to be sure you're getting the exact corrugated sheets needed, Cobb Testing for water absorption and Drop Testing to ensure your package holds up to the tossing, kicking, bad weather and many other obstacles that a package goes through in the shipping process. We've got it handled.

ROI Support

Our Commitment

At Precision Corr, our role as your supplier and business partner is to solve problems. We think and execute proactively, so we can tackle even the most difficult challenges. We can help improve your top line sales revenue with our diverse value propositions and impact your bottom line using our “hard dollar” cost reduction ideas. Your investment with Precision Corr will yield your company a deserving return on investment. Some of our innovative approaches include:

Vendor Managed Inventory Systems

Inventory means time, movement, cash and space. Let us work with you to lean down your inventory levels by taking the time to understand your ordering methods, volumes and available space. We set up and manage a comprehensive and effective VMI system that saves time, space and labor hours.

Packaging & Process Improvement

We are the packaging experts, so as your business partner, it is ultimately our job to ensure that you have the right product for your needs and that it is designed and priced to yield the most value for your company’s dollar. Our proven systems focus on reducing your “total cost.” We approach your business with an open mind to the best packaging solution. Let us take the wasted effort and motion out of your current processes, making your operation much more effective. Partnership Programs include Annual Goals, Cost Reductions, Packaging Process Evaluations, Design Improvements, and Scorecards, to name a few.

Streamline Your Processes

The right piece of Packaging Equipment can save you time, money and labor, adding considerable savings to your bottom line. Let Precision Corr assess your needs by streamlining your processes, increasing your efficiencies and finding the best solution for your facility.

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